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15 December 2021

Lukashenko: My task is to safeguard the state and the nation against a war

VITEBSK, 15 December (BelTA) – It is the president’s job to safeguard the state and the nation against a war. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the relevant statement as he met with Vitebsk Oblast senior officials on 15 December, BelTA has learned.

The head of state noted that tensions are constantly being raised in the world, a confrontation between geopolitical players is in progress. The pandemic has made all the contradictions even more pronounced.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “No war went past us in the past and no war will go past us now. God forbid if a war starts. This is why my task is to safeguard the state and the nation against a war. This is why I demand solid unity from you. It is necessary to act without counting on anyone. If they help, good. But you have to count only on yourself.”

He also drew attention to matters of territorial defense: “I don’t want our nation to happen to be once again at a fracture line or god forbid in the center of some little war. We should be ready for it if we don’t want to land there. This is why the new oblast governor, heads of district and city administrations, you know that we have territorial defense and territorial troops.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko urged to pay attention to this matter starting with personnel and ending with the compilation of the relevant plans and materiel support. “Take a look at the facilities you will have to defend if things go south. Puzzle out everything,” he said.

The president is also concerned about grave consequences of cyberattacks that can happen if the necessary protective measures are not implemented. “This is why think how you will defend your computers, networks, and the rest,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that a genuine hybrid war had been launched against Belarus and the country had turned out to be the key link in Western attempts to pressure Russia. The president reminded about an increase in NATO’s and the USA’s military activity in the Black Sea, about aviation flights along Russian and Belarusian borders.

“They tried to talk to us using a color revolution, a blitzkrieg last year. And I’ve always warned you and told you honestly: we don’t know what new lever they will use to pressure us. But it is a fact that they have launched a hybrid war against us. In mass media, diplomatic pressure, political [pressure]… They have stepped up economic pressure. A hybrid war as a result. And they have come close to a military and political confrontation. Naturally, we have to respond,” the president said.
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