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19 November 2021

Belarus' PM highlights benefits of Eurasian Economic Union

YEREVAN, 19 November (BelTA) - The EAEU has once again proven to be an effective organization, Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko told the media after a meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Commission in Yerevan on 19 November, BelTA has learned.

"Our negotiations are never a walk in the park. We do not make loud statements about breakthroughs, because our negotiations are complex aiming to reach compromises on issues related to all members of the union. The difficulty lies in reaching agreements that would suit all five states. This is not always easy, especially given the different structures of economies and regulation. So work on the convergence of the regulatory frameworks in the union is not easy but nevertheless there are results. Every country primarily raises the issues that are most important for it. This is a very serious platform to test your negotiating and diplomatic skills," the prime minister said.

Roman Golovchenko expressed the opinion that "questions may seem quite boring." "But they have a direct impact on business, on the conditions in which enterprises will work. So decisions are not easy. Nevertheless, we have once again proved that the EAEU platform is effective. We know how to find compromises, because at the level of heads of government we often have to solve issues that experts have not been able to solve for many months. We have to find the right solutions within a day. This is always a really difficult task to perform. Our meeting in Yerevan was no exception. The agenda was quite busy, including both simple and complicated issues. We have reached agreements on all of them, except, perhaps, just one,” he stressed.

“A rather complicated issue was an agreement on the use of navigation seals for cargo shipments. This is quite a big step forward to make transportation transparent, to reduce the number of potentially shady schemes. We have agreed on all issue blocks and will submit them for signing to the Supreme Eurasian Council,” said Roman Golovchenko.
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