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24 August 2022
Need to improve Belarusian university admission system explained Igor Sergeyenko said that during the government conference held on the previous day to discuss the development of the national education system Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that it is necessary to work out a clear, transparent, and understandable system for university admission....
18 August 2022
Lukashenko orders to fill vegetable storehouses to capacity On the other hand, Aleksandr Lukashenko gave an instruction to negotiate contracts with retail chains for the supply of domestic products, so that they will not need to import products, including potatoes, in winter and spring....
19 July 2022
Lukashenko signs law to amend Land Code The document allows providing individuals with land plots up to one hectare to build homes in rural areas. The document also allows land users to buy within five years land plots that they will have as of 1 September 2022 or to lease land plots for a period of 99 years on preferential terms (using a coefficient of 0.8 in Minsk and oblast capitals, and 0.5 elsewhere)....
15 July 2022
Visa-free travel program hailed as excellent opportunity for foreigners to discover Belarus Olga Petrashova said: “We demonstrate that we are open to any country and the entire world. We have nothing to hide. We advocate a peace-loving policy. We don’t want a war, we broadcast no aggression. This is why I believe opening our borders for residents of all countries was the right decision.”...
6 July 2022
Lukashenko views loss of grain during harvesting as economic sabotage Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “I’ve noted many times that the food market situation offers a chance to earn a profit. This is why the current harvesting campaign must proceed with the highest level of organization and discipline.”...
22 June 2022
Lukashenko: Belarus remembers all heroes and victims of Great Patriotic War “We will do everything so that our children and grandchildren will remember it as this is a guarantee of the unity of the nation and a peaceful future of the state,” the president assured....
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