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11 November 2022
Pensions to increase by 5% in Belarus on 1 December The labor and social security minister confirmed that the social security fund is posting a surplus and has enough resources. Therefore there was a proposal to index labor pensions. The head of state supported the proposal. “Thank you for supporting our proposal to raise pensions by 5%,” Irina Kostevich said....
3 November 2022
PM honors Belarusians for professional distinction "There we are having a special, solemn ceremony. On behalf of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, we celebrate the best representatives of the country's labor collectives....
6 October 2022
Lukashenko sets task to return to single-digit inflation in 2023 “I expect effective proposals from the government and the National Bank to curb the price growth. The task number one is to ensure single-digit inflation next year (some 7-8%),” Aleksandr Lukashenko said....
21 September 2022
WHO representative: We are pleased with cooperation with Belarus During the meeting, the parties discussed new projects and cooperation plans of the Republic of Belarus and the World Health Organization....
15 September 2022
Belarusian Healthcare Ministry calm about low COVID-19 incidence rate “We’ve seen a small increase but it is much lower than last year. We are working absolutely calmly,” the official noted. Dmitry Pinevich went on saying that the current workload of medical professionals is certainly higher than it was in summer. ...
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