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11 November 2022
Pensions to increase by 5% in Belarus on 1 December The labor and social security minister confirmed that the social security fund is posting a surplus and has enough resources. Therefore there was a proposal to index labor pensions. The head of state supported the proposal. “Thank you for supporting our proposal to raise pensions by 5%,” Irina Kostevich said....
3 November 2022
PM honors Belarusians for professional distinction "There we are having a special, solemn ceremony. On behalf of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, we celebrate the best representatives of the country's labor collectives....
6 October 2022
Lukashenko sets task to return to single-digit inflation in 2023 “I expect effective proposals from the government and the National Bank to curb the price growth. The task number one is to ensure single-digit inflation next year (some 7-8%),” Aleksandr Lukashenko said....
21 September 2022
WHO representative: We are pleased with cooperation with Belarus During the meeting, the parties discussed new projects and cooperation plans of the Republic of Belarus and the World Health Organization....
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