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12 October 2022

Belarusian Internal Affairs Ministry launches counterterrorism exercise in Gomel Oblast

Due to the deteriorating military and political situation the Internal Affairs Ministry has launched an exercise designed to practice the elimination of sabotage and reconnaissance forces, the ministry’s press service told BelTA.

According to the Internal Affairs Ministry, the situation is aggravated even more by individuals with destructive intensions, who remain abroad. They call for organizing subversive activities targeting the Belarusian state and go as far as contemplating terrorist attacks. For instance, the so-called plan Peramoga [victory in Belarusian] focuses on training armed units, which tasks present a threat to the national security, the source noted.

The Belarusian Internal Affairs Ministry has decided to launch a special exercise to practice the range of actions meant to seek and destroy possible sabotage and reconnaissance forces and illegally armed units in addition to ensuring the security of citizens.

The exercise will take place in Gomel Oblast for several days.

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