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6 July 2022
Over 200 Russian children will spend vacations in Belarus under Union State program This year, the center will admit children from Bryansk Oblast and Kaluga Oblast of Russia as well as Brest Oblast and Gomel Oblast of Belarus – all in all, more than 400 children aged 6 to 16 years. Each recuperation cycle lasts 21 days and provides for an extensive cultural and educational program in addition to health improvement services....
29 June 2022
New contacts with Russian partners expected to improve performance of Belarusian enterprises Dmitry Yaroshevich visited the Dobrush paper factory Geroy Truda branch of the holding company Belorusskie Oboi. The official met with the management and workers of the branch and took part in the discussion of the matters the collective was worried about....
22 June 2022
Works begin at Belarus' biggest sand quarry According to Aleksandr Nesterchuk, Deputy Head of the Design and Topographic Surveying Department at Rechitsaneft Oil and Gas Production Department, the Davydovka-1 quarry is expected to last for 10 years. “The quality of the sand is unmatched. It contains inclusions of gravel, which makes it a perfect material for the construction of roads and well sites,” he said....
29 April 2022
Lukashenko praises progress in restoration of Chernobyl-hit regions “It would be great if we had a similar situation in all the regions of our country. I was pleasantly surprised by the minister’s report (we now have a lot to compare as 36 years have passed since the tragedy): we are making a good progress in reducing overall morbidity. Most importantly, here people are healthier than in other districts. That is why I say: it would be great if we had a similar situation in other regions as well,” the president said....
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