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Rogachev is over 860 years old. In 1863 after visiting the town Decembrist N. Muraviyev called Rogachev “a small Paris”.

Rogachev was first mentioned in 1142. At the end of 13 century the town made part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, since 1509 – it has been a property of the grand duke.

In 1567 Rogachev was mentioned as a fortified castle, in 1594 it was burnt to the ground.

After Rzecz Pospolita division in 1772 it was a part of the Russian province, later on included into the Turov principality.

On August 16, 1787 the town’s emblem became a black horn on the golden field.

Since 1802 – a center of the uyezd in the Mogilev province with the population of about 3 thousand people and 6 small companies. In 1897 Rogachev numbers 9,038 residents and 36 factories and works.

In all times Rogachev played an important role in the life of the Pridneprovsk region, however its intensive development went up after the Rogachev uyezd constructed Moscow-Warsaw and St. Petersburg-Kiev main roads.

The 1902 construction of the railway Mogilev-Zhlobin gave a boost to the town’s development. In 1913 the town numbered 50 companies, the largest of which were two cordage factories, three companies on brick production.

Rogachev workers headed by local socio-democrats took an active part in the revolution of 1905-1907. The Soviet power gained in authority in November 1917. Since May 1919 the town makes part of the Gomel province, in 1924-1930 – the region’s center of the Bobruisk district, since January 15, 1938 – a part of Gomel oblast.

Rogachev is a town of military glory. During the Great Patriotic War, in summer 1941, the Rogachev-Zhlobin sector witnessed the Soviet troops’ counter-offensive that held back the Nazis’ attack towards Moscow. The 1944 Bagration operation started from Rogachev territory.

Some 21 Rogachev residents were conferred the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Among them – G. S. Kovalev, V. M. Kolesnikov, K. N. Osipov, V. V. Skriganov, A. F. Samusev. Three Rogachev natives are bearers of the Order of Glory: A. M. Belousov, R. T. Krotov, V. P. Lisnevskiy.

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