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Main Region Geographical position

Geographical position

The Rogachev region is situated in the north of Gomel oblast. The total area of the region is 2,1 thousand square kilometers, including the town’s 1,806 hectares.

The region borders on Bobruisk, Bykhov, Slavgorod and Kirov regions /Mogilev oblast/ and Buda-Koshelevo, Zhlobin and Kormiany regions /Gomel oblast/.

It was formed on July 17, 1924. On February 27, 1978 Rogachev became an oblast town.

The region’s territory includes 211 settlements, 18 rural and one settlement council.

The region’s territory is a plain. The average temperature in January is –7 centigrade, in July it is +18,3 centigrade. The annual atmospheric precipitation makes 590 mm. The vegetation period is 192 days.

The River Dnepr with its inflows Drut, Dobritsa, Dobosna, Rokotun, Rzhavka, Gutliavka and lakes Sviatoe, Krushinovskoe, Dobroye, Bolshoye Komarino flow though the region.

Coniferous, birch, oak, aspen and fir forests account for 32% of the territory, meadows occupy some 40 thousand hectares. Rich peat deposits near the village of Gorodets were discovered after the war.

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