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The Rogachev region is a large agricultural area accounting for more than 8 per cent of the total production of Gomel oblast which includes 21 rural regions. The region’s agriculture specializes in milk and meat production, grain, potato and vegetable cultivation and cattle breeding.

The territory of the region’s agro-industrial complex makes 103,038 hectares, of them some 53,423 hectares – arable land and 36,905 hectares – hayfields and pastures.

Cattle breeding is the major area of the region’s agro-industrial complex.

The agriculture personnel make 4,4 thousand people what is 62 per cent to the amount worked in 2000.

The state pays special attention to the development of villages and agricultural production. Last year the region’s farms were granted Br16 billion of budgetary funds what made about USD 80 per hectare of agricultural fields.

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