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6 November 2014

Belarus president to review national development forecast, state budget for 2015 soon

MOGILEV, 6 November (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko intends to call a number of government conferences soon to discuss the most troublesome aspects of the country's development. Alexander Lukashenko made the relevant statement at the government conference held in Mogilev Oblast on 5 November, BelTA has learned.

In particular, in the near future the government will have to present its report and the social and economic development forecast will be discussed in addition to the state budget for 2015.

In the near future the Grodno Oblast Governor is expected to deliver the report on the situation in the region. "I have to decide, primarily for myself, whether the choice was the right one," said the head of state.

Besides, a government conference will be held in Vitebsk Oblast to discuss the performance of agriculture. Alexander Lukashenko reminded that a special working group had been created to look into problems in this sphere. "I was promised that these decisions will result in fast development of agriculture. I specifically took some time away from the problem to see whether statements made by the group are justified and honest," said the President. "The year is over, a good year. At the end of the year we may once again get together and see whether our agricultural team is a talented one, whether they have discerned negative trends correctly and whether they have suggested the right solutions for individual issues".

Housing and public utilities represent another sphere the President intends to direct attention to. "The group has worked on these issues. Now I am waiting to see how hidden defects are being addressed. We will talk about it in winter," noted the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko also explained the reason for the unexpected government conference involving the Mogilev Oblast administration on 5 November. According to Alexander Lukashenko, any meeting of the president and the executive personnel is always beneficial and allows discussing problems in the region confidentially.

The head of state remarked that he had been trying to shape new executive personnel in the country. "You and me will have to take an exam before the Belarusian people in a year. Those, who watch personnel appointments, have surely noticed that new people have been appointed to administrative positions and the process will not end tomorrow," said the President. "There is a practice: before a presidential election the nation has to clearly see the team they will work with after the election". The head of state also mentioned that changing personnel was an objective necessity.

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