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30 January 2015

Opinion: Peace is more precious in view of rising international tensions

GOMEL, 30 January (BelTA) – In view of rising international tensions the notion of peace is reevaluated. The opinion was voiced by Timofei Glushakov, Chairman of the Gomel Oblast Office of the Belarusian Peace Foundation.

Timofei Glushakov remarked that during the open dialogue with reporters on 29 January Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko stressed the importance of values like peace, order and tranquility for the life of the society. "The president was right in saying that the tragedy of the brotherly nation of Ukraine and the overall escalation of international tensions across the globe truly force us to once again think about the importance of peace in the country," Timofei Glushakov stressed.

BelTA has been told that Timofei Glushakov experienced war first-hand. He was a child during the years of the Great Patriotic War. "It was impossible to imagine that the trial by war will once again be the fate of a brotherly Slavonic nation. I fully support the president in the belief that it is necessary to forfeit all ambitions in order to restore peace in Ukraine by all means. Differences of opinion and misunderstanding should be handled not with weapons but through negotiations," he said.

According to Timofei Glushakov, there is no mission more important for peacekeepers, even the smallest representations and agencies, than working for the benefit of the unity of three countries — Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, than working to reinforce good ties, trust, and respect. "We are connected by tight historical, cultural, and economic relations. There is also glorious common memory of the fact that only thanks to unity our nations managed to beat fascism and defend the right to their own future," BelTA has been told.

The Chairman of the Gomel Oblast Office of the Belarusian Peace Foundation added he fully shares the view of the Belarusian head of state regarding the year 2015, which is the year of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. "The year should remind our nations about the fact that only standing together we can overcome difficult times and stand against the most dreadful threats," he said.

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