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22 March 2016

New trademark for Belarusian-Russian harvesters

The Belarusian-Russian harvesters, which are produced by the joint venture Bryanskselmash, will be sold under the Desna-Polesye trademark, BelTA learned from Dmitry Mulyar, the head of the Gomselmash marketing center.

The change of the trademark became the final stage in the rebranding project. Rebranding is a widespread practice in business. As a rule, it is aimed at brining the business onto a new stage of development, improving efficiency and, of course, boosting sales. “These are the objectives that Bryanskselmash pursued. For 10 years the plant has manufactured combine harvesters that are popular in almost all regions of Russia. Perhaps time has come to add local flavor to the name of the equipment. As is known, Bryansk stands on the River Desna,” said Dmitry Mulyar.

Under the new name the combine harvesters will be perceived more clearly as a product made in Russia. This, together with other measures, will help the plant to get its products into the register of business entities that are eligible for state support.

The joint venture Bryanskselmash is a Russian enterprise with the Belarusian participation. It was registered in 2005. The company's products are well known and widely used in the agricultural industry in the Russian Federation.


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